Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Are you a registered NDIS SDA Provider?

A: Apollo SDA is a developer and owner of specialist disability accommodation. The important role of Registered SDA Provider for our portfolio is facilitated by leading SDA Provider, Home In Place.  In this capacity, Home In Place is responsible for ensuring that all parties comply with the NDIS SDA framework, which includes managing and administering the property in compliance with NDIS and SDA Rules and Standards.

Home in Place manages social housing in a similar manner to state government provided social housing, with operations regulated by the national community housing performance-based registration system. Home in Place is registered under the National Community Housing Regulatory System (NCHRS) as a Tier 1 provider and holds a full certificate of accreditation under the National Community Housing Standards.

Home in Place is a member of the SDA Alliance and a registered SDA provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme for NSW, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania. You can find more information about Home In Place here – https://homeinplace.org/


Q- Do I get any input into the design of my home?

A: Absolutely. We have developed a participant-led design approach and will work alongside you and your support team every step of the way, to tailor aspects of design to suit your specific needs and aspirations – ensuring that your new home is the right one for you.


Q- Do I need to have compatible SDA in my plan to apply?

A:  Apollo SDA builds and designs homes for people with disabilities who are SDA eligible. While you don’t need your SDA formally approved to be able to engage with us, we strongly encourage you to undertake a Functional Assessment with an OT who specialises in SDA applications, and you have a recommendation on your eligibility. Before confirmation of enrolment is provided, we will need evidence of your approval for SDA or at least evidence from your support team that a compatible SDA approval outcome is likely to be achieved.


Q- Can I live with my partner and/or child in SDA?

A: Yes you can, however if you choose to share your bedroom with a partner, as per the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2020, you must notify the CEO of the NDIA that you wish to do so, and the CEO must be satisfied that “the eligible participant’s needs are not adversely impacted by having more than one person residing in their bedroom.”


Q- Can I pick my SIL provider and/or have more than one SIL provider?

Yes, you will have full choice and control over who provides your 1:1 supports. However each of our properties will also have an onsite shared support (SIL) provider, chosen by our tenants on a majority basis.


Q- Do I need to contribute some of my funding towards the onsite support provider?

A: Some of our properties have shared supports for the onsite provider, sometimes referred to as a concierge model. If this is the case you will need to make a contribution towards this, from your SIL funding, however not all properties are structured this way. Please contact us for additional information.


Q- Do you include any sustainability initiatives in your homes?

A: Yes we do. The sustainability initiatives included in our homes are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce expenses for our tenants and ultimately to minimise emissions. Please have a look at our ESG page on our website which details our sustainability framework and commitment to ESG principles – www.apollosda.com/sustainability


Q- Apart from SDA payments, what other costs will I need to consider if I apply?

A: Like all rental properties, you will also need to consider other costs of living. You will need to make a rental contribution, which is determined by the NDIA as the Maximum Reasonable Rental Contribution (MRRC). You can find more information on the Maximum Reasonable Rental Contribution in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Pricing Arrangements for Specialist Disability Accommodation 2022-23. You will also need to consider other costs such as utilities and moving expenses.


Q- How long do your houses take to complete?

A: This will depend on many varying factors including things like the size of the dwelling, locational factors, construction delays due to adverse weather or materials delivery, however we will keep you updated through the whole process. If you are interested in a particular property, please contact us so we can discuss the completion timeline.


Q- Can I see the property as it is being completed?

A: While you may not be able to visit a construction site due to site safety requirements, our team will ensure you get to see the property as it is being built in real time through photo’s and videos.


Q- Is the property close to local shops, pharmacies, GP etc.?

Yes, all our properties are centrally located with easy access to local amenities. Please contact our tenant services team for more specific information on a particular property – admin@apollosda.com.au


Q- Do I need to bring my own furniture?

We will provide a limited range of common area inclusions in all of our homes however you will need to bring your own furniture and whitegoods. We will itemize what we are providing so that you have clarity as to what our inclusions are.

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